Pole Pole x Dodo Knitter

Spring collection 2023 🌸

During our trip in Ghana, we joined forces and created prototypes for the collection, which will be released in April 2023 .

Design: Dodo Knitter
Price: PLN 195/clothes, accessories are still being developed.
Premiere: April 2023. We will send you an email when production is finished. ⬇️

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The clothes will be available in 6 patterns.

Unisex waist bag

In addition to clothes, we will also create unisex accessories in Ghana. We are still developing products. We will reveal the details in February 🤫.

Made in Ghana

We sew clothes in a friendly sewing room in Accra (Ghana), and contractors receive fair remuneration for their work.

Hand dyed fabrics

For the production of clothes, we use fabrics that are hand-dyed using the batik method by a small team in Accra, Ghana. This makes each product unique!

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